Industrial Superconductor Bearings


Rotating and linear bearings

Handling-systems and manipulators

For vacuum und clean-room applications


For highest requirements on cleanliness and sterility or for the handling of infectious, poissonous or even radioactive materials one needs to control a process in hermetically sealed spaces. The less complex the closed room is, the easier is it to maintain cleanliness, to sterilize or to decontaminate it.

Superconductor-bearings transmit forces through evenly closed walls. The carried bearing part levitates contactless without friction, without lubricant and without abrasion. Superconductor-bearings do not contribute to contamination, they are chemically stable and UHV-ready.

Superconductor-Bearing with levitating tool or sample-holder

A superconductor-handling-system in a chemical or bio-medical safety-laboratory is shown in the picture above. Tools, test-samples and instruments are driven inside of the working chamber without touching the walls.

They are equipped with a permanent-magnetic part, which is carried by magnetic forces from the cold superconductor in the thrust-bearing. The motion of the inner tool is strictly following the motion of the outer counter-bearing since both bearing parts are situated in a fixed position against each other.

Linear Bearings

Linear Bearings

Our Linear Superconductor Bearings are suitable for transporting systems and linear guideways in clean- room or sterile production environments as well as in vacuum systems.

Linear Superconducting Bearings consists of a fixed magnetic guide rail with a magnetic field wich is homogeneous along the rail, but with strong field gradients perpendicular to the rail. The superconductor is situated in the levitating part. Curved rail guides are also possible with this arrangement. The free air gap, bearing force and bearing-stiffness can be adjusted according to the appropriate application by the design of the magnetic rails cross-section and the arrangement of the superconductor.

Features of a Superconductor Bearing as used for SupraTrans II

Air gap10 mm5 mm
Force1800 N2800 N
Stiffness horizontal                                  40 N/mm60 N/mm
Stiffness vertical200 N/mm           200 N/mm
Rotating Bearings

Rotating Bearings

Rotating Superconductor Bearings enable frictionless rotation without heat dissipation and are suitable for highest rotational speed as in high speed electrical machines and Flywheel energy storage

In analogy to conventional ball bearings, superconducting bearings can be designed as cylindrical, planar and conical bearings. At rotating superconductor bearings most likely the rotating part is a permanent magnetic arrangement with a field homogenous along a circular line but with strong magnetic gradients in axial and radial direction. The superconductor is situated in the stationary part. The free air gap, bearing force and bearing-stiffness can be adjusted according to the appropriate application by the bearing design.

Specifications of a cylindrical rotating bearing:

Bearing Force>5000 N1000 N
Bearing Stiffness                          2000 N/mm1200 N/mm
Air gap1,5 mm
SC-area402 cm2
Dimensions             ø 200 x 120 mm