Quantum Levitation demo-sets

With our models of superconducting magnetic levitation train sets the uniqueness of the effect of quantum levitation can be demonstrated in a playful and attractive way.


It does not matter if for recruiting of students, as an unique attraction for an exhibition or product fair, the amazement and elation of visitors is predictabe. Especially people with interest in science and technology will get into contact with you.

Starter Set

Starter Set

The Starter-Set is used for the hands free demonstration of the effect of superconducting magnetic levitation. Hold the magnetic rail in your hands and turn it over while the superconductor pill is levitating on it. On can show how attractiv and repulsive forces working together to keep the superconductor in a defined distance to the rail.


The Starter-Set contains:

Magnetic rail500 mm long, straight guideway 
30 mm width, 3 magnetic poles
NdFeB-magnets, corrosion-restistant
2 x superconductorMelt-textured YBaCuO (YBCO)
Cylinder ø 26 mm; hight 15 mm
thermally isolated
Additional    5 distance plates (1 mm bis 5 mm)   
Protective goggles
Protective gloves
Flat table railway

Flat table railway

Our flat-table-rail set consists of an oval magnetic rail mounted on a stable base plate. The vehicles containing 2 YBCO-superconductor-cylinders to be cooled with liquid nitrogen. The vehicle can be delivered in the look of a traditional steam engine or electric locomotive in model railway size H0.

The Flat-table-railway contains:

Magnetic rail

oval magnetic rail with lateral dimensions
985 mm x 510 mm

Track gauge 30 mm, 3 magnetic poles
NdFeB-magnets, noncorroding
1 x vehicle2 x melt-texturec YBCO-cylinder ø 26 mm, hight 15 mm placed in the thermally insulated car body
Car body in the appearance of an E-locomotive or a motor vehicle
Additional   5 distance-plates (1 mm to 5 mm)   
Protective goggles and Protective gloves
additional cars/ insulated YBCO-cylinder