SupraTrans II


Made by evico: the large scale test-platform for railway-systems with Superconductor Bearings


evico has designed and constructed a full scale R&D-facility for a transportation system with superconducting bearings for the Leibniz-Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden. The project was implemented by evico as the system supplier from the concept to the turn-key handover in cooperation with regional partners.



4.8 tons of NdFeB magnets have been mounted into iron-yokes for the 80 m long magnetic track. A new track-design has been developed together with a semi automatic mounting tool for the efficient manufacturing of the magnetic driveway. In addition a passive reaction rail of the linear drive as well as cables and converters for the inductive energy supply have been installed. For the first time a turnout switch has been implemented using the concept of a mechanical gliding switch.


The vehicle for 2 passengers is carried by 4 cryostats with YBCO bulk superconductors. Only 0.1 l/h of liquid nitrogen is necessary to keep the superconductors cool. 2 cryostates are mounted on each, front and back axle. The main frame in between carries the linear motor, the inductive power collector, the entire electrical equipment as well as 2 racing seats. The vehicle design motivates an application as a gate to gate shuttle for airline passengers in modern hubs. It was evolved in cooperation with the University of Applied Science Dresden.

Control System

In addition to the drive control, systems for positioning and automatic train control have been implemented. The vehicle can be driven by remote control from the control center as well as dirctly by the driver. Large displays provide on the current operation satus. Measurement signals of various vehicle-sensors are transmitted wireless in real-time to the control panel for their scientific analysis.

Dimensions (Length x Width)80 m
Track gauge1000 mm             
Middle curve radius6,5 m
Levitation gap13 mm
Flux density in the air gap0,6 T
Dimensions (Lenght x Width)2500 x 1200 mm 
Vehicle weight incl. payload                           600 kg
Drive power3,4 kW
Levitation force6000 N
Max. acceleration1 m/s2
Max. speed20 km/h