evico at Hannovermesse 2019


Meet evico at Hannover Messe 2019 (01.-05. April) in Hall 13 Stand A66 in the SuperConductingCity.

At our joint participation stand with ivSupra (Industry association of Superconductivity) you can get into contact with our colleagues about superconductor bearings, cryogenics, the Lexus overboard and coated conductor substrates of cours.

Also at Festo´s exhibition (H15 D11) one can get into touch with evico-technology. Three exhibits under the title SupraMotion are equiped with superconductor bearings from evico. Festo shows Transporting in all spatial planes, Transferring hovering objects ( SupraJunction ), Handling with spatial separations and Turning, shaking and conveying ( SupraShaker).

Superconductor Bearings transmit forces through closed and even walls. The carried element is levitating contact less and self-stable in a given distance, there is no friction, no abrasion and no need to lubricate. Superconductor Bearings do not contribute to particle contamination, they are chemically stable and can be used in UHV environments.

Superconducting manipulation systems are finding its application in production processes with highest demands on cleanliness and sterility as well as for the handling of infectious, hazardous or even radioactive substances