Research Equipment

Scientific apparatus of our partner company evico magnetics are developed and continuously enhanced by scientists for the daily use in their laboratory. We offer advanced technology and scientific expertise which we are willing to share with our customers.

Magneto-Optical Kerr Microscope

Magneto-Optical Kerr Microscope

Highly flexible, advanced wide-field Kerr-microscope for magnetic domain research. Enhanced by image processing and equipped with electromagnets, domains and magnetization processes on all kinds of ferro- and ferrimagnetic materials can be studied at variable magnifications down to the resolution limit of optical microscopy. The microscope is based on the long experience of Prof. Jeffrey McCord and Prof. Rudolf Schäfer


High-end wide-field polarization microscope
Modified optics for optimal and homogeneous Kerr-contrast
Field of view from several millimeters down to micrometers using objective lenses from 5x to 100x (Oil immersion)
Rotatable electromagnet for in-plane fields up to 10 kOe (800 kA/m)
Optimized waveform generator for the generation of magnetic fields for general domain studies (ac, dc field, demagnetization etc.)
Real-time difference imaging technique for high contrast magnetic domain observation


The Kerr Microscope is offered by evico magnetics GmbH
Prof. Rudolf Schäfer, T +49 351 46 59 22 3, E-mail R.Schaefer[at]
Prof. Jeffrey McCord, T +49 431 880-6123, E-mail J.McCord[at]

R.Schäfer: domain evolution in decreasing diagonal field on Permalloy element (207 nm thick, edge length 57 µm)


High-Pressure-Milling-Vial by evico magnetis GmbH.

A new and powerful method for the synthesis of hydrogen storage materials and monitoring of hydrogenation reactions by reactive ball milling under high hydrogen atmosphere has been developed. It involves high-energy ball milling in an especially designed vial, allowing in-situ monitoring of temperature and, more importantly, of hydrogen pressure by incorporating a newly developed gas-temperature measurement system as well as a radio emitter into the vial lid. An external receiver transmits the data to a data acquisition computer.

(O. Gutfleisch et. al., J. Alloys and Comp. 427 (2007) 204)


Continuous in-situ monitoring of pressure and temperature during ball milling
pmax= 150 bar (smaller ranges with higher resolution available)
Operation time up to 40 h
Resolution of data acquisition: 40 points/s
Powerful dedicated software
Volume of milling vial: 220 ml

Vial material: hardened steel, swagelok ball valve


The High-Pressure-Milling-Vial is offered by evico magnetics GmbH
Prof. Oliver Gutfleisch, T +49 6151 16-75559, M O.Gutfleisch[at]