YBCO Bulk materials

evico offers high-quality melt-textured YBCO bulks in different shape  and size. Please contact us.

High performance High-Temperature-Superconductor (HTS) bulk materials are the precondition for a new type of permanent magnets and its application in newly designed electro-motors, frictionless bearings and transport systems. 

Single grain cylinders of up to 10 cm in diameter can be grown. Highest values of trapped fields of more than 1.2 T at 77K can be achieved in samples with ø 35 mm.

Trapped field in a multiseed YBCO ring ø 70 mm.

Large tiles of various geometries as well as rings can be produced using a multiseeding technique. The bulks consist of uniformly, well aligned and coherently bounded single grains. At 77 K, the inter-grain jC amounts to 10 % of the intra-grain critical current density. Size and shape can be prepared appropriate to its use in bearings and rotors of electrical machines.

YBCO materials grown by the modified melt crystallisation process (MMCP, developed in IFW) distinguish by a remarkable mechanical strength.