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Superconductor Bearings

Non-contact force transmission - Stable guidance - Frictionless movement

Superconducting magnetic bearings are frictionless, dust-free, wear-resistant and grip through walls. They are suitable for machine bearings and for manipulating samples in a vacuum, in infectious or contaminated rooms, and for applications with the highest demands on cleanliness. evico develops individual components with the smallest dimensions and, as a system supplier, implements complete systems for personnel transport. We also develop and manufacture the perfect solution for your application.


Rotating and linear bearings. Handling systems and manipulators for vacuum and clean room

When the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility are required, or when handling infectious, toxic or even radioactive materials, it is necessary to control processes in hermetically sealed rooms. The less complex the enclosed space, the easier it is to clean, disinfect or decontaminate.

Superconductor bearings can transmit forces through flat and closed walls. The component being supported floats without contact; there is no friction, no lubrication and no abrasion. Superconductor bearings do not contribute to contamination, they are chemically stable and UHV capable. 

An application example in a bio-medical or chemical laboratory is shown in the picture on the left. Tools, samples and measuring instruments are moved inside the chamber without touching the wall.

They are equipped with a permanent magnetic bearing part, which is supported by magnetic forces from the cooled superconductor in the counter bearing outside the chamber. Since both bearing halves are in a fixed position relative to each other, the tool follows every movement of the outer counter bearing exactly.

For applications in production processes, the bearings can be designed for larger forces and distances.

Linear superconductor bearings are suitable for transport systems and as linear bearings in dust-free or aseptic production processes and vacuum systems.

They consist of a fixed magnetic guide rail whose field configuration is homogeneous along the magnetic rail, but has as large a gradient as possible perpendicular to the guide rail. The superconductor can float freely along the magnetic rail. Curved guide rails are possible. Air gap, load capacity and bearing stiffness can be adapted to the respective requirements.

Characteristics of a large superconductor bearing for SupraTrans II

Air gap 10 mm 5 mm
Force 1800 N 2800 N
Stiffness horizontal 40 N/mm 60 N/mm
Stiffness vertical 200 N/mm 200 N/mm