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Stand-alone cryostat with WLAN web interface and light strip indicator

The SupraUnit consists of the ZEK DS superconductor cryostat, which has been completed by a virtual user interface and a robust housing to form a device that can be used independently. With robust mechanical and electrical interfaces, the device is also designed as an automation component. It is operated by means of a WLAN web interface via smartphone, tablet or PC, optionally via the Ethernet interface. The operating states "cooling", pre-cooling temperature reached" and "pinning temperature reached" are indicated by different colors of a light band. 

We are grateful to now be able to offer this device, which is based on a Festo concept, to the market.

The operating principle of superconducting magnetic bearings is the pinning of magnetic vortices in the superconductor material. This intrinsic property creates a stable levitation state with repulsive and attractive forces and does not require any energy supply or control electronics. However, the so-called high-temperature superconductors must also be cooled to their working temperature of 77 K.

Until now, high-temperature superconductors have been cooled with liquid nitrogen, which was carried in a reservoir in the cryostat. Depending on the thermal losses and the size of the reservoir, the cryostats had to be filled with liquid nitrogen in cycles of 6 - 20 hours.

evico now replaces the reservoir with a continuously operating refrigeration machine. With this development plug&play applications for industrial environments can be realized. The cryocooler with an input power of max. 80 W is sufficient to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 35°C.



Nominal load: 10 kg

Airgap 5 mm 3 mm
Vertikal stiffness 12 N/mm 21 N/mm
Lateral stiffness 4 N/mm 6,3 N/mm
Superconductor area 261 mm^2  
Liftpower at 67 K 1,6 W  
Min. temperature 60 K  
Power consumption 60 W  
Voltage 24 V  
Dimemsions xxx x xxx x xxx mm  
Weight 5,2 kg  
Ambient temperature 0 - 35 °C