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With our superconducting maglev models, the uniqueness of the superconducting magnetic bearing can be shown in a playful and impressive way.

Whether for student advertising, as an attraction of an exhibition or a trade fair booth, the amazement and enthusiasm of the audience is certain. Especially technically interested people will come to you.

We offer 2 ready-made models, a model train and a starter set. In addition, we are happy to develop individual solutions for you. The pictures on this page show some already realized models.

Superconducting Magnetic Train Model

Our railroad plate consists of an oval magnetic rail mounted on a sturdy base plate. The vehicles include 2 YBCO superconductors, which are located in the vehicle body and cooled with liquid nitrogen. The vehicle can be delivered in electric locomotive or diesel locomotive look of the model size H0 as an alternative to the ICE model. 

The railroad plate includes:

Magnetic rail: oval magnetic rail with lateral dimensions 985 mm x 510 mm track gauge 30 mm, 3-poles made of NdFeB magnets, corrosion resistant
1 x Locomotive 2 x melt-textured YBCO-bulks 33 x 21 mm, Hight 13 mm in an insulated body in ICE, E-Lok-, Traction unit - oder Diesel loco-optics
Accessories 5 Spacer blades (1 mm bis 5 mm)
Option: additional car / isolated YBCO-cylinder

Starter Set

The starter set is inteded for freehand explanation of the superconducting magnetic levitation effect. The magnetic rail can be held in the hands and rotated with the levitating superconductor pill in such a way that repulsive and attractive forces can be impressively demonstrated simultaneously. 

The starter set includes:

Magnetic rail: 500 mm long, straight rail 3 mm gauge, 3-poles, NdFeB-Magnets, corrosion resistant
Superconductor Melt-textured YBCO-bulk 33 x 21 mm, Hight 13 mm in isolated container
Accessories 5 Spacer blades (1 mm bis 5 mm)