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Compact cryogen-free superconductor cryostat with Sunpower DS electric cooler and permanent vacuum insulation. 

The operating principle of superconducting magnetic bearings is the pinning of magnetic flux lines in the superconductor material. This intrinsic property creates a stable levitation with repulsive and attractive forces and does not require any energy supply or control electronics. However, the so-called high-temperature superconductors must also be cooled to their working temperature of 77 K.

Until now, high-temperature superconductors have been cooled with liquid nitrogen, which was carried in a reservoir in the cryostat. Depending on the thermal losses and the size of the reservoir, the cryostats had to be filled with liquid nitrogen in cycles of 6 - 20 hours.

evico now replaces the reservoir with a continuously operating refrigeration machine. With this development plug&play applications for industrial environments can be realized. The cryocooler with an input power of max. 80 W is sufficient to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 35°C.


Nominal load: 10 kg

Airgap 5 mm 3 mm
Vertikal stiffness 12 N/mm 21 N/mm
Lateral stiffness 4 N/mm 6,3 N/mm
Superconductor area 261 mm^2  
Liftpower at 67 K 1,6 W  
Min. temperature 60 K  
Power consumption 60 W  
Voltage 24 V  
Dimemsions xxx x xxx x xxx mm  
Weight 5,2 kg  
Ambient temperature 0 - 35 °C