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Cryoboard - the real Hoverboard

Created as part of the Lexus brand campaign "Amazing in Motion".  Known from the BBC YouTube documentary "How to levitate". Cool as liquid nitrogen.

The Cryoboard is now available!

The Cryoboard uses the effect of magnetic flux anchoring in the superconductor to float on a track of permanent magnets, also called quantum levitation. 

It consists of a thermally insulating, mechanically stabilized body with two support segments, tread-resistant blade and scratch-resistant bottom. Each segment contains 12 superconductor blocks and can be filled with 1.2 liters of liquid nitrogen. The nominal load capacity is 100 kg per segment with an air gap of approximately 10 mm. The dimensions of the board are 921 mm x 220 x 87 mm.

What else is needed

A magnetic rail. It can be composed of several segments of 0.5 or 1 m. Curved segments are also possible.

To prevent injuries, special occupational safety measures must be followed when laying the magnetic rails.

Liquid nitrogen can be delivered to any site in rental containers through Linde, Praxair or Air Liquide, for example.

Protective gloves and goggles are essential when working with liquid nitrogen.

Using the Cryoboard is a sporting challenge. Only through good balance and a load as central as possible does the board float without contact with the ground. Who will float the farthest, the fastest, the most elegant or the coolest?
To avoid injuries, special work safety measures must be followed when laying the magnetic rails.