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Development and implementation of the cooling concept for the FESTO SupraMotor

To complement the SupraMotion motion concepts, Festo is also investigating technologies for direct superconducting drives. In a project team controlled by the customer, evico made significant contributions to the idea and concept of the SupraMotor. Evico was responsible for:

Concept, design and assembly of all cryogenic components such as

  • Superconductor coils
  • Current leads
  • Vacuum cryostat
  • Solid state cold junction
  • Configuration and thermal management of the cryocoolers

Superconducting compact claw pole motor with solid state cooling

From the Festo brochure: The company is presenting the SupraMotor, a superconducting claw-pole motor with solid-state cooling, for the first time at Hannover Messe 2018.

It features a compact design, high holding torque and coolant-free, long-life direct electrical cooling.

Loss-free current transport

The drive uses the effect that current is transported loss-free within a suitably cooled superconductor. This allows a strong magnetic field to be generated by very high currents. The SupraMotor has a high overload capacity and is well suited for applications in continuous operation. Overheating due to conduction losses is largely eliminated thanks to the resistance-free superconducting coils.

Low power consumption

It works particularly effectively at low speeds with very high torques: If a load has to be held, no energy is consumed in the drive even at maximum holding torque.